What Is Experiential Therapy?

Talking about what is concerning is absolutely important, but connecting to what is happening in your heart, in your body, as you describe something, is key to change.

Experiential psychotherapy helps us learn to connect to ourselves deeply and compassionately. We understand what's happening and how to be with ourselves - which decreases anxiety and depression. What really keeps us stuck is not having access to ourselves, especially our true emotions. Emotions are designed to get us Un-stuck, but mostly we've learned to invalidate them, make fun of them, hate them, stuff them. Experiential therapy can help us learn to work with them, to trust that even anger, fear, hatred and disgust have great benefits for us now. Our anxiety and depression is often the result of avoiding or repressing emotion. When we learn to work with our emotions, we feel much greater confidence and energy. See Hilary Jacobs Hendel website for more practical information and tips for working in this way.