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Experiential Psychotherapy​

Therapeutic Coaching 

My first goal as a therapist is to be steadfastly present, and to further your capacity to be present with yourself.  This is where we are alive and how healing happens.


When we are suffering, we have lost sight of our true strength and of self-compassion. Without these, change mires in pain. Our work helps you take your own side - this gives you the capacity and courage to dive into what's been avoided, repressed, rejected.  


We cannot control the rough current, but together we can ride the waves - so that we flow with the river of life: here we are resilient, energetic and happier. 

"I am forever grateful for the work I did with Clare. We worked together for about 4 years and she was by far the best therapist I've ever had. The connection and trust we developed was a big part of what made it so special. She encouraged me in a perfect way to explore many aspects of myself and my past, but on my own timeline. I think of her often, especially when I am able to peacefully acknowledge my inner critic. I imagine someone else who has taken my place in her tranquil office and is sharing that experience."                                                    ​

  -Client,  UNC Medical Resident

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