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My life~work is nourished and guided by my love of creativity and wildlife, by many years living overseas, by my relationships and parenting, by ongoing healing and spiritual practice.  


My first career was as as writer; the process of interviewing, writing and publishing - of finding my voice - demanded personal healing and growth. This creativity, connection and exploration eventuated in my choice to become a psychotherapist.


I had lived in Australia for over a decade;  I returned to the United States and received a masters of psychology and counseling from Goddard College in Vermont in 2007.  I have been a practicing licensed professional counselor since 2010. I am also a registered yoga teacher.

Living in a different culture helped me understand difference viscerally; I thrive knowing and working with people who have diverse experiences of ethnicity, race, class, sexuality, gender and life. I identify as a white, cis, hetero female. My commitment is to continue to decolonize my mind and I undertake on-going study and engagement to do this.


Mothering has been my greatest teacher and inspiration.  My son and daughter have brought me joy, heartbreak and a passionate commitment to parents, to young people and to families in this time where more and more the values of our competitive consumer culture undermine what it takes for children and families to thrive.

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